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Name: Michelle Marie Franco

Age: 14

Location: Jamestown, NC

stuff you like I like to talk on the computer, I love music, i love making new friends, i like hanging out with them, and i like boys!

stuff you dont like i dislike the people that think they're above everyone else.

fave word Focker.

photos {optional}

what makes you different/unique? uhm I'm Hispanic(Colombian)

10 words to describe you

1. Sweet

2. Loving

3. Caring

4. Forgetful

5. Good Listener

6. Helpful

7. Hard Working

8. Reliable

9. Trustworthy

10. Honest

Name some music artists/bands you are into Green Day, Sugarcult, Ashanti, Usher, Eminem, Tim Mcgraw, Nelly, Liz Phair, Ashlee Simpson

Tell us about you: I'm 14, Hispanic, I have dark brown hair with Highlights, tan, about 5'5, thick, brown eyes, i have a brother, i'm a freshman.

why did you become a member? beacause i agree on the fact that you don't like people that always think they are above of everyone else.

anything else? n0pe I think thats it! =)

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